Mediation Fees - Family Law Cases

Mediation Fees - Family Law Cases

Rates for mediations in family law cases are listed below.   The rates listed are the mediation fee scale per party.  That is, in family law cases, the fee scale is structured pursuant to a sliding scale based on each party's gross monthly income.  

Each party’s respective mediation fee is due in full on or before the date of the mediation (most commonly with a credit card payment at the mediation). 

If a party determines that they are unable to pay the mediation fee in full on or before the date of the mediation, please notify Mark W. Sims immediately so the mediation can be rescheduled and a cancellation fee can be avoided.  

Half-Day Mediation Fee
(Per Party)
Family Law Cases

              Gross                                                          Mediation
              Monthly Income                                      Fee For
              of that party                                              That Party
  • Up to $1,800.00/Month                       $450.00 
  • $1,801.00- $3,000.00/Month             $500.00
  • $3,001.00- $4,200.00/Month              $550.00
  • $4,201.00/Month and Above               $600.00
Full-Day Mediation Fee
(Per Party)
Family Law Cases

                Gross                                                     Mediation
                Monthly Income                                 Fee For
                of that party                                         That Party
  • Up to $1,800.00/Month                           $900.00  
  • $1,801.00- $3,000.00/Month               $1,000.00
  • $3,001.00- $4,200.00/Month                 $1,100.00
  • $4,201.00/Month and Above                  $1,200.00
Cancellation Fee
(Per Party)

A cancellation fee will apply in the event that a scheduled mediation is cancelled for any reason within 5 business days of the date of mediation.  In the event that another case is subsequently scheduled at that date and time, the cancellation fee is waived. 
  • Half-Day Cancellation Fee (per party)        $100.00
  • Full-Day Cancellation Fee (per party)        $175.00
  • Pay Cancellation Fee