2016 Texas Guideline Child Support Calculator***  
Is the Obligor self-employed?:  
Gross Income of Obligor:  
Pro Rata Cost of Health Insurance for the Children Subject to this Suit:  
Number of Children Before the Court:  
Number of Other Children for Whom Obligor Has a Duty To Support:  
Net Monthly Income of Obligor:  
Net Monthly Resources of Obligor (including health insurance adjustment):  
Multiplier (as a percent of Net Monthly Resources):  
Monthly Child Support Calculation:  
Child Support - Monthly (1x/month):  
Child Support - Semi-Monthly (2x per month):  
Child Support - Bi-Weekly (every other week):  
Child Support - Weekly (every week):  
***  This Texas Guideline Child Support Calculator for 2016 was prepared by Mark W. Sims, Attorney-Mediator, for the purpose of providing a calculation of net monthly resources and guideline child support in conjunction with Texas Family Code §154.  The computations herein are based on published guidelines promulgated by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Texas as published on their website on April 14, 2016.  Please consult with a qualified family law attorney licensed in the State of Texas for specific advice regarding 1) the calculation of net resources, 2)  health insurance costs and other factors which may affect the calculation of guideline child support, and 3) the application of and correct use of this guideline child support calculator.  The use of and/or reliance on computations contained in this calculator in no way constitutes an attorney-client relationship with Mark W. Sims and in no way represents legal advice by Mark W. Sims.